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A diamonds 5 C's
diamonds from your jeweler in Ludwigsburg

The 5Cs of a diamond

Get a first overview of the assessment of a diamond. The 4 C – clarity, color, cut, and carat – help you to classify the diamonds presented to you, understand the relevance and pricing of certain stones, and make it possible to make a selection according to your own demands. Of course, our experts are happy to answer all your questions and assist your with your choice.



Diamonds come in a wide variety of colors – they can be yellow, red, green, blue, brown, and black. But the biggest part is taken up by the “colorless to nearly-colorless” diamonds. To evaluate those diamonds, the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) has developed an internationally used rating scale. It ranges from top quality (color D) to the visibly colored color Z.



Diamonds are always unique and rarely flawless, meaning without inclusions. Those so-called inclusions are natural impurities and are rated according to a purity scale. The rating goes from FL/IF (flawless/internally flawless) to I3 (obvious inclusions).



The cut is part of the 5 C’s and is thus one of the most important criteria to define the quality of a diamond. It is mainly responsible for its brilliance and shine. It is important to know that the famous rainbow-colored shine of a diamond, its so-called fire, is amplified to the fullest by the perfect cut.



Carat is one of the most important quality criteria to define the price of a diamond. It is the unit of measurement for the weight of diamonds and other precious stones. One carat is approximately 0.2 gram. Very small diamonds are often measured in points. One carat is divided into 100 points, a “half carat” has therefor a weight of 50 points.



The “new” and fifth C is for confidence. As a buyer, you need to have confidence in your seller and in the product you want to purchase: That it has been mined, processed, and traded according to socially, ecologically, and ethically acceptable conditions.

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