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Pear cut

The pear cut for your diamond ring at HIRMIZ

The unique design and avant-garde looks are popular for engagement rings of the extravagant kind. Elizabeth Taylor made this diamond cut internationally known. Diamonds with the pear cut, also called pendeloque or teardrop cut, are highly esteemed and admired.

This cut is MODERN AND CLASSIC at the same time. The pear cut was invented in 1458 by Lodewyk van Bergem, a Belgian jeweler. This was the beginning of this cut's success story. Pear-shaped diamonds adorned the hands of aristocrats, Hollywood stars, and ordinary people alike.

The father of the pear cut was a true pioneer in the field of diamond cutting. He is also the inventor of the diamond grinding wheel. This wheel made it possible for van Bergem to cut the stone in such an advanced shape. It still took a while until he finally perfected this cut.

The ideal pear cut has 58 facets and a length-width-ratio of 1.5:1. Some experts call the drop diamond a mix of the brilliant and marquise cut, as one side is round, the other one pointed. The extraordinary symmetry and proportion gives the diamond a shine comparable to a diamond with a traditional brilliant cut.

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