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Diamonds from your wholesaler in Ludwigsburg

What makes a diamond purchase at HIRMIZ special?

Taken all technical analysis aside, a viable certification always relies on the experience, knowledge, and expertise of a proven expert. The cut diamonds traded at HIRMIZ all have the required gemological certificates. Our customers profit from our close cooperation with all parties involved. This guarantees a high level of quality as well as a beneficial price-performance-ratio. Every HIRMIZ diamond is hand-picked by our gemologist before it is added to our database.

Diamond certificates

At HIRMIZ we offer diamonds with GIA / HRD / IGI certificates. We do not trade with raw diamonds.

HIRMIZ has developed an online database for the trading with GIA / HRD / IGI certified diamonds. This database is updated daily, guaranteeing you both prices in line with the market as well as products of which 97% are ready for dispatch.

Purchasing diamonds at HIRMIZ

HIRMIZ has been working with diamond wholesalers for years. This enables us to offer you great service and an attractive price-performance-ratio for your investment or jewelry diamonds.

We are known for the following services:

  • Online diamond-database: available 24/7, daily updates.
  • Fast and insured delivery: 95% within 7 days and 100% insured – for reasonable prices.
  • Competitive diamond prices: minimal cost, great prices.
  • Increase in value: since 1960, the value of diamonds increased tenfold. In the last ten years, the price doubled.
  • On average, in recent years the value of diamonds increased over 6.4%.
  • Diamonds are traded worldwide. Required are a good quality and the certification by a renowned institute like GIA / HRD / IGI.
  • Discreet financial asset: Unlike property, diamonds are not registered.
  • Diamonds provide a constant positive price development.
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