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Hearts and Arrows

This rare and precious cut is limited in quantity and more expensive than comparable diamonds with different cuts. The reason: The creation of this cut requires up to 4x more time than a brilliant cut. The facets have to be placed perfectly – even the slightest deviation would ruin the pattern. Another reason is the significant weight loss in comparison to the raw diamond.

The development of the Hearts & Arrows diamond

The creation of the first Hearts & Arrows diamond was a coincidence: Japanese diamond cutter Takanori Tamura noticed in the 1980s, that certain cutting parameters resulted in a UNIQUE PATTERN OF HEARTS AND ARROWS.

After this realization, Japanese laboratories worked on a diamond cut that was strongly oriented towards Diamond Design, a work by Marcel Tolkowsky. The PERFECT SYMMETRY AND THE PROPORTIONS required to form the hearts and arrows were in focus. The name was introduced and patented in 1988 by Kinsaku Yamashita. In the early 1990s, the Hearts & Arrows cut gained popularity even outside of Japan.

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