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Diamonds from your jeweler in Ludwigsburg

To help you find your way into the fascinating world of diamonds, HIRMIZ in Ludwigsburg offers you insights and know-how around these precious stones. We tell you more about the assessment and what to look for.

At HIRMIZ in Ludwigsburg, you will get professional and comprehensive advice for the best price. We show you, that the 5 C's are a good start, but do not include all relevant aspects, and tell you what to keep in mind when shopping for diamonds.

The 5 C's of a diamond

Get a first overview of the assessment of a diamond. The 4 C – CLARITY, COLOR, CUT, AND CARAT – help you to classify the diamonds presented to you, understand the relevance and pricing of certain stones and make it possible to make a selection according to your own demands. The fifth C – CONFIDENCE – is crucial when buying diamonds: you should trust in your seller, his advice and sources. At HIRMIZ, we make sure that all 5 C's and even more aspects are taken into account when we present you our selection of diamonds.

Find the one: Diamond cuts and characteristics

When talking about diamonds, you often hear “diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” What is not said: THERE IS AN INDIVIDUAL DIAMOND FOR EACH WOMAN. Every diamond has its own story and it is up to you to choose the right stone to tell yours.

Learn more about the DIFFERENT DIAMOND CUTS and let us help you with your choice. We are happy to present you the different options, tell you about the advantages or disadvantages, and offer you the possibility to crown your engagement ring with an exotic diamond.

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