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the colors of diamonds and their value

GIA grades diamond colors through letters of the alphabet ranging from D to Z. Roughly, it is possible to summarize the letters to six groups: Exceptional white (D and E), rare white (F and G), white (H), slightly tinted white (I and J), tinted white (K and L). The other grades up to Z are called tinted. Diamonds from our HIRMIZ wedding ring lounge in Ludwigsburg begin at F (fine white) and go up to D (colorless).

Thus, we guarantee that our HIRMIZ diamonds shine in the popular rainbow colors. In general, the colors D to F are rated as colorless, while the colors G and H are near colorless. At HIRMIZ, we offer you only diamonds that show no yellowish hue. For our engagement rings, WE USE ONLY DIAMONDS RATED F TO D.

The color and its value for the radiation of a diamond

Diamonds of a pure white color have the highest value, because they create the most beautiful visual effect. The fascinating property of this colorless gemstone is its ability to reflect light in all colors of the rainbow. However, this effect only emerges in its full beauty when the diamond is completely colorless.

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