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Round brillant cut

A brilliant cut – a classical choice for diamond rings

A round or brilliant cut is especially popular for diamond rings. Together with a prong setting in white gold, it creates the CLASSICAL ENGAGEMENT RING.

The history of the brilliant cut

Coming from the natural octahedron form of a diamond, today's brilliant cut was developed throughout the centuries. The technical possibility to cut diamonds emerged only in the 14th century – before that, there were only raw diamonds. In the beginning, it was enough to polish its eight faces and thus increasing its shine.

Around the 14th and 15th century, the two pointy edges were removed to create a large table on top and a small culet on the lower side. Since the 15th century it is possible to vary the rectangular form of the diamond – an important step towards today's brilliant cut. Incorporating additional facets, first an octagonal form and later more differentiated and sophisticated cuts were established.

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