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Heart cut

Wear your heart on your finger – the heart cut

One of the most exclusive engagement rings in heart shape was the one Lady Gaga received from her then-fiancé in 2013. The heart shape was the theme of this unique design that also included initials formed with an intricate diamond pavé.

Diamonds with a heart cut

The heart-shaped diamond is the ULTIMATE ROMANTIC GIFT FOR SPECIAL OCCASIONS like Valentine's Day. This cut is a relatively new invention and is one of the more unique cuts. It is mostly used for engagement rings, pendants, and earrings. The heart cut is very complicated and requires a high level of experience and skill. Therefor, only a few offer this variety.

To ensure a high quality, the SYMMETRY AND PROPORTIONS OF A HEART CUT HAVE TO BE PERFECT. Diamond experts name the perfect ratio for greatest brilliance an exact 1:1. Most heart-shaped diamonds do not reach that ideal.

One of the most famous heart-shaped diamonds is Elizabeth Taylor's ring from the 17th century called Taj Mahal. The ring was a gift by Tim Burton for her 40th birthday. Another famous diamond with a heart cut is a blue diamond that weighs incredible 30.82 carat!

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