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Asscher cut

The unique brilliance and unbelievable fire of the Asscher cut creates a UNIQUE OPTICAL FIREWORK. Some feel reminded of a hall of mirrors full of illusions.

From above, the Asscher diamond looks like a square with rounded edges, resembling an emerald cut. The Asscher is always square with proportions around 1.0 or 1.05. The step cut is defining for this form. Most Asscher diamonds have 58 facets, while so-called ROYAL ASSCHER DIAMONDS can even have 74 facets.

In comparison to the similar emerald diamond, an Asscher cut displays more brilliance. The rectangular facets at the bottom, combined with a large table, highlights the purity of the stone.

The history of the Asscher cut

The Asscher cut was created by Joseph Asscher in 1902. He patented the cut with three steps in the crown and seven steps in the pavilion. Through the years, the Asscher cut changed: Today, it usually displays only three to four steps in the pavilion which results in a stronger shine. Between the mid- and end-20s, the cut was extremely popular. In 2001, another version of the Asscher cut was developed: the new variant with 74 facets is called Royal Asscher Cut.

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