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Gold or platinum? Precious metals for unique pieces of jewelry

For our jewelry, especially for engagement and wedding rings, we use only precious metals of very high quality. Thus, we can always guarantee the high-quality standards you are expecting from HIRMIZ wedding ring lounge. Our rings shall accompany you a whole lifetime without showing sings of wear, losing their shine, or even discolor.

The most popular precious metals are gold and platinum. The advantages are clear: durable, timeless, and of high quality, jewelry made from these materials often accompany us from generation to generation.

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Noble platinum: Jewelry for eternity

The most noble of all metals with many beneficial properties. Wedding rings and other pieces of jewelry made from platinum are especially robust and durable. The color of platinum or palladium, a platinum metal, is light grey to nearly white. Through alloying platinum with other metals we can create different color nuances.

Timeless and elegant: Gold jewelry

Gold is the classic among precious metals when creating high-grade jewelry. Valued properties are the longevity and versatility of this metal. Depending on the alloy, gold can have a rich yellow color, but also a white, rose, red, and even gray or green shade. With this precious metal, we can make nearly all of your wishes in terms of color design come true.

Gold is a pretty soft material – in contrast to platinum, it is therefor necessary to add a higher part of another metal to better work with it and create jewelry that stands the test of time.

Which alloys are there?

Wedding rings from our HIRMIZ wedding ring lounge are exclusively made from 950 platinum, 950 palladium, 750 or 585 gold. Through the different composition of alloy metals we determine color, hardness, fineness, and other properties.

How high is the share of gold or platinum in an alloy metal? The numbers tell you: 750 gold for example consists of 75% gold and 25% of another metal. This rule applies to all alloy metals. Depending on the use, different alloys have more beneficial properties than others. We are happy to share our know-how and experience with you and assist you with the choice of the right alloy for your individual jewelry.

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